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Production of ethylene chloride and caustic soda in Brazil

Ethylene chloride and caustic supplies in Brazil

Braskem relocates ethylene chloride and caustic soda production to Brazil. Resumption and build-up of import supplies within the country.

New venture in Brazil

In Maceio, it is planned to restart large-scale production In 2021, the well-known company Braskem will re-launch its enterprise in Brazil, which is engaged in the production of ethylene chloride (EDC), chlorine, and caustic soda.

Extraction of raw materials from salt wells

The company ceased to function in the spring of 2019. The subsidence of the soil led to a halt in the extraction of raw materials from salt wells and subsequently to a decrease in economic indicators. In this regard, production volumes for the period January-November last year decreased by 8.9 %, compared with the same period in 2019. This led to the fact that only 773,31 thousand tons of products were produced in Brazil in 11 months.

Imported dry salt

The resumption of work will be possible thanks to the purchase of imported dry salt. The salt will arrive at the port of Maceio and then be transported to the production facility. There, as a result of the dissolution process, brine for raw materials will be obtained from the salt. Braskem's main headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, with other headquarters located in the United States and Europe. Investments in technological solutions and modernization of the enterprise will allow the company to resume work and continue to contribute to the country's economy.

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