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Accelerator (hardener) ANCAMINE К54: what is it?

Accelerator (hardener) ANCAMINE К54: what is it?

ANCAMINE K54 is a unique accelerator (hardener) developed in Germany at the world—famous enterprise Evonik Industries AG. What is special about such an accelerator and where can I buy it on optimal conditions in Russia?

Product Description

ANCAMIN K54 hardener is a universal Lewis catalyst created on the basis of tris-(dimethylaminomethyl) phenol. With the help of this accelerator, it will be possible to achieve the correct curing (vulcanization) of epoxy resins, which have a liquid consistency and are used as impregnation, glue, composite, during electroslag casting.

Such a product is suitable for use in order to achieve isocyanate and isocyanate/polyol trimerization reactions. It can be used as an activator for a variety of hardeners, for example, for polyamides, amine adducts, polymer captans, polysulfides and amidoamines in various concrete coatings (including floor coverings), as well as in many adhesive materials.

The main advantages of the product include:

• efficiency (with such an accelerator, epoxy resin acquires higher operational parameters);
• environmentally friendly composition (can be used in rooms of any purpose, for different items);
• versatility in use (allows you to solve a considerable list of tasks);
• an easy—to-use release form is a liquid of saturated amber color.

This highly effective activating additive has the following performance characteristics:

• 120-250 MPa * s — viscosity at 25 °C;
• 0.98 g/ml — specific gravity at 21 ° C;
• ≤ 6 Gardner — color;
• 140°C — ignition temperature (closed crucible);
• 630 mg KOH/g — amine number;
• 1-15 g/100 g resin — ratio with standard epoxy resin.

Important Storage Information

In order for ANCAMINE K54 not to lose its original technical characteristics throughout the entire period declared by the manufacturer (up to two years), it is important to ensure proper storage conditions for such a product. There are several main points here.

So, in the room where the accelerator is stored, the humidity level should not be increased. The ambient temperature should not exceed +26 °C. The most acceptable temperature is from +15°C to +20°C. It is important to avoid fluctuations in humidity and temperature. It is necessary to provide protection from ultraviolet radiation. Direct rays of the sun are particularly dangerous.

The hardener should be printed out immediately before use. If this condition has not been met for some reason, the product must be left in its original packaging, tightly closed and placed in another sealed container, which is made of a material that cannot interact with such liquids.
This hardener can be used after the expiration date, but only with a small delay! However, this is allowed only if the storage conditions have been met.

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