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Groupage cargo
Groupage cargo
Перератирование промышленной химии
Groupage cargo is an industrial chemistry that can be transported by land, water or air transport in one container.

At the same time, the packaging is very strong and allows you to prevent spillage, rupture or any other type of damage to the integrity.
For example, you need to transport several tons of 50kg and a couple of tons of 25kg. At the same time, the races must still be placed in the container.

And the rest of the space must be filled with 10kg bags. In this case, groupage cargo is used.

Before collecting the groupage cargo - all the nuances from the point of view of compatibility in the transportation of reagents, container capacity, etc. It is negotiated with the customer, he gets acquainted with all the nuances, and only then the assembly and shipment is carried out.

Assembly and transportation of industrial chemicals in Russia
  • to Kaliningrad
  • to Nizhny Novgorod
  • to Volgograd
  • to Krasnodar
  • to Yekaterinburg
  • to St. Petersburg
  • to Voronezh
  • to Pskov
  • to the Moscow region
  • to Omsk
  • to Krasnoyarsk
  • to any city of the Russian Federation
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