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Storage of chemical raw materials
TPK LLC has warehouses in the Tula region, Moscow, Ufa and St. Petersburg.
This allows us to quickly and promptly deliver the necessary reagents to any corner of the Russian Federation without delays and on time.
Storage of chemical components is carried out in accordance with the requirements for each reagent according to its hazard class.
Therefore, the warehouses have spare runs, specialized barrels and containers for repackaging goods in case of violation of the integrity of the shell.
At the same time, qualified personnel monitor the shipment and placement on land transport, air or water.

The warehouses comply with all industrial chemistry storage standards. Thanks to this, the customer receives quality raw materials that comply with GOST and TU. And it does not lose its qualities during transportation.

Working with TPK LLC means being confident in the quality of chemical raw materials!

Advantages of working with TPK LLC
  • Fast shipping
  • Customer oriented prices
  • A wide range of chemical raw materials
  • System of discounts for regular customers
  • Qualified managers
  • Chemical raw materials from the supplier
  • Quality assurance / certificates for all reagents
  • Reputation and reliability
We are always glad to communicate with our clients. If you have any wishes, suggestions, comments regarding the work of our warehouse - write to us, and we will gratefully take your opinion into account:
Our e-mail for applications and price clarification for items: