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Re-packing of cargo
In the event that you need a supply of industrial chemicals in bags. But the nominal value that is required for use is not required 50 kg, but 25 kg.
TPK company provides an opportunity to repackage chemical raw materials.
In this case, the delivery time increases, since it must be borne in mind that repackaging takes from a couple of hours to a day (depending on the wholesale purchase).
Also, bags (containers or other containers for reagents), into which the product needs to be repackaged, will be added to the cost.
Plus payment for the work of loaders (this should also be taken into account when invoicing).

This service is most often used by customers who cannot afford repackaging at their own warehouse.

Used if
  • The customer has a small warehouse
  • There is no appropriate container for repackaging
  • Insufficient hired force (workers)
  • Need to save time
  • It's easier to entrust the work to the pros
  • The need is rare
  • Rush order
  • Constantly order the service
TPK values its customers and their time. Therefore, the range of services is constantly being finalized and revised. Everything was done within the framework of efficient work and maximum convenience of cooperation.
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