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Мочевина марка Б — бесцветные кристаллы. Марка Б обычно используется в сельском хозяйстве для удобрения различных культур. Вещество ценится за большое содержание азота, в котором нуждаются растения. Отличается удобством в хранении, равномерно распределяется по площади земли, обеспечивает устойчивый урожай, не нуждается в дополнительных добавках. Вот почему мочевина так популярна среди производителей продовольственных продуктов.

Основное характеристики: · азот: 46,3%; · биурет: 1,4%; · свободный аммиак: нет; · вода: 0,3%; · t самовоспламенения: 715 °С; · рассыпчатость: 100%.
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Urea grade B
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Urea grade B for sale

Colorless crystals. Grade B is commonly used in agriculture to fertilize various crops. The substance is valued for its high nitrogen content, which plants need. Differs in convenience in storage, is evenly distributed over the land area, provides a stable harvest, does not need additional additives. This is why urea is so popular with food manufacturers.

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Main characteristics: · nitrogen: 46.3%; Biuret: 1.4%; · Free ammonia: no; Water: 0.3%; · T of self-ignition: 715 ° С; Friability: 100%.
  • What does it look like -
  • Mass fraction of active substance -
  • Fraction of tertiary amine -
  • Hydrogen ion activity index -
  • Melting temperature -
    Safety and transportation The substance belongs to hazard class 3. Under normal conditions, it is non-flammable and non-explosive. It enters the human body through the respiratory tract without causing any particular harm. Prolonged contact can cause tracheal inflammation, liver and kidney problems. Transport by covered road or rail in original packaging or special containers. Work with urea with rubber gloves, a special suit, respirator, rubber boots and tight-fitting glasses.
    Urea grade B has a quality certificate from the manufacturer. Therefore, you can buy urea B in bulk with precisely confirmed quality. Often our customers ask the question: What is the difference between two marks? Answer: these reagents differ in nitrogen content: 34% contains nitrate, 46% carbamide.
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Urea grade B