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2021 Melamine Market Analysis - Manufacturers' Contract Price

2021 Melamine Market Analysis - Manufacturers' Contract Price

The situation on the melamine import market (Russia). TPK LLC is a supplier of melamine. Carries out delivery across the Russian Federation. The characteristics of our product comply with all quality certificates.

Product information

Melamine is a chemical that is otherwise called 2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazine. Essentially an amino derivative of a symmetric triazine. Also synonyms synonymous with cyanamide trimer. Refers to organic bases, and is also included in the list of flame retardants. What does it look like? If you open the bag, then melamine is crystals without a tint. By properties - practically insoluble in water. TPK LLC is a supplier of melamine. Carries out delivery across the Russian Federation. You can see the characteristics of our product here.

Melamine application

• in production, for the manufacture of melamine-containing resins, • in paint and varnish materials, for the manufacture of paints with a fire retardant effect, • as an additive in the composition of dyes, herbicides, • to create growth stimulants in the agricultural segment (accelerates the growth of flowers, pilaf crops), • as an additive to food for the house. livestock - a source of nitrogen, • in the textile industry, • as a substance included in the raw materials for the manufacture of plastic dishes, • in the pulp and paper segment for the manufacture of paper products (moisture resistant qualities are increased). Melamine-based resins are used in industries such as: 1) Lamination of wood boards and canvases, 2) Varnishes, as well as paints, 3) Manufacturing plastics as well as resins, 4) Plastics on a paper-laminated basis.

What's going on in the melamine market?

1. The Russian Federation continues to increase the supply of melamine from China and reduce imports from Germany. 2. Cornerstone Chemical (a company with American roots) in May 2021. continues to manufacture melamine and distributes it throughout the United States, and also partially for export. 3. Melamine made in India from GSFCIndia has slightly decreased in import value.

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