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Bangladesh lacks warehouses

Bangladesh lacks warehouses

Hundreds of thousands of bags of fertilizer are piling up on the banks of the Jamuna River (Pabna, Bangladesh), damaging the environment and causing concern to local residents, Dhaka Tribune reports.

Bangladesh lacks fertilizer warehouses

According to the latest data, all fertilizers that arrive at ports on the banks of the river. Jamuna (Bangladesh) are unloaded right on the shore. Fertilizers are stored in the same place, since the customers did not prepare new warehouses in time, and those that exist are overcrowded. As a result, significant harm is caused to the surrounding nature (fauna inside the river and flora nearby). Concern also reigns among the local residents who live in rows in the villages, as there is a poisoning of the water and the spread of a strong smell in the surrounding area.

The authorities promise to solve the problem

The authorities themselves promise to solve the problem - the construction of warehouses is underway. At the same time, fertilizers such as triple superphosphate, potassium chloride and ammonium hydrogen phosphate enter the country and are sold by the Bangladesh Chemical Industries corporation. Raw materials are transported from the countries: China, Egypt, Tunisia. Regardless of the range of problems with transportation around the country and storage sites, in the coming months, the port of Pabna will receive 5 more ships filled with fertilizers. Purely in terms of time and physically - the problem does not disappear anywhere and the situation is growing like a snowball.

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