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DOF plasticizer: price, manufacturers. How to buy DOP in bulk with delivery in Russia

DOF what is it, how to buy with delivery in Moscow

General information about the DOF plasticizer: price, application and properties. DOP specifications where produced. GOST 8728-88, TU 2493-001-64112846-2010. How to buy DOF wholesale in Russia with delivery?

DOF buy in bulk from the manufacturer

The use of plasticizers makes it possible during production to lower the temperature of the technological processing of the compositions. Make the main indicators of frost resistance and stability of polymers. Many people know a plasticizer like dioctyl phthalate (formula C6H4 (COOC8H17) 2). Which is used for the production of end products such as vinyl resins and polymers. For the interior and industrial premises, linoleum and film are made on its basis. In the assembly of refrigerators, gaskets made of this polyester are used. DOP stands for ophthalic acid dioctyl ester.

DOP application and properties / characteristics

Produced in accordance with GOST 8728-88, TU 2493-001-64112846-2010, the DOP plasticizer does not have a pronounced color, but has a thick substance with an oily property. Dioctyl phthalate price per kg varies depending on several factors: 1. Tonnage (volumes that the plant / production is ready to buy), 2. Logistics (the degree of delivery distance from central warehouses in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Tula). If you have your own vehicles, the cost will also be lower, as this rate will not be taken into account in the final calculation. Plus Dof to buy in Moscow is much more profitable - since the ride from the warehouse to the factory will take about an hour.

DOP manufacturers in Russia

TPK Novomoskovsk LLC interacts with suppliers throughout Russia, and is also engaged in direct deliveries from China. Thanks to this, you can choose the best option for production that suits.
DOF safety data sheet
DOP density - dependence on temperature. For example, at twenty degrees Celsius, the norm is 0.98. But the ignition temperature is 205 degrees.
When interacting with a person, it has a hazard class - the second. This suggests that you need to adhere to security measures and commodity neighborhood in the warehouse. And also during transportation to prevent leaks. Gives off vapors, flammable and corrosive gases on fire. It is necessary to extinguish with foam fire extinguishers.
The shelf life of the product is six months from the date of bottling at the manufacturing plant.

Order DOF in Russia

Delivery in any nominal quantity, both wholesale and retail. The minimum order is a couple of canisters before a tanker truck. Delivery by our own certified auto transport with drivers who have training and ADR approval to the address. Buy plasticizer DOF online through the website of TPK LLC - link (with obtaining a full commercial proposal and prices). Raw materials for further processing of PVC waste and plastic are also viewed with this product: - DIOKTYLADIPINATE (DOA), - PLASTIFICATOR DIBUTYL PHTHALATE, abbreviated as DBP, - DOS or DIOCTIL SEBACINATE - DOTP or DIOCTYL TEREPHTHALATE PLASTICATOR. P / S / has nothing to do with the DOP ankle boots on the straight, which is made for the military. It is used only as an additive in the creation of artificial leather and rubber soles.

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