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Industrial chemistry Novosibirsk - buy wholesale from the manufacturer

Industrial chemistry Novosibirsk - buy wholesale from the manufacturer

Industrial chemistry Novosibirsk - buy wholesale from the manufacturer TPK has been supplying food raw materials to Novosibirsk for several years. The range of ingredients is extensive and even if the positions are not presented on the site - we are working on this and are constantly expanding the range. Therefore, if you did not find something, choose any card or fill out an application directly from the main one. And in the text write the industrial chemicals you want to buy. For example, sodium alginate can be bought in Novosibirsk at a very attractive price. The price varies depending on the purchase volume. But also note that you can buy ten bags of 25 kg or 50 kg. Or you can make a composite cargo, which can include 3 bags of sodium alginate, ascorbic acid powder, 2 bags and monosodium glutamate (5 pieces). In this case, the car can take similar food additives to another organization. Sending is made from our own warehouses and leased in Russia. We are constantly expanding and improving the service for the delivery of industrial raw materials from the manufacturer. For the production of non-food chemicals, guar gum is delivered to buy and titanium dioxide, which are also delivered to Novosibirsk. They are used in such areas as the foundry industry, agrochemistry and others. Our contractors often contact us with the question: where to buy isomalt in Novosibirsk? And again, these are our target customers who, in addition to the same product as isopropyl alcohol, can wholesale xanthan gum and so on. Why is it worth working with TPK? The answer is extremely simple: 1. An individual approach to clients, 2. Own logistics, 3. Supplier of industrial chemicals from the manufacturer, 4. Raw materials of the highest quality, confirmed by certificates and laboratory tests (independent laboratories), 5. Extensive assortment, 6. The system of installments for regular customers, 7. Confidence and reliability.

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