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Ammonia water technical
Аммиак технический

Водный технический раствор 25%, изготовленный по ГОСТ 9-92. Марка А - кристально чистая жидкость, как слеза. 

Это жидкость без цвета, но с довольно резким запахом. Получают путем растворения аммиака газообразного в воде. Марка A применяется во многих отраслях современной промышленности.

В частности, добавляются в красители, при получении ферросплавов для металлургии, при приготовлении кальцинированной соды, добавляется в медикаменты.

· формула: NH3 · H2O; · содержание аммиака: не менее 25%; · азот: 20,5%; · нелетучие остатки: 0,07 г/дм3; · диоксид углерода: 8 г/дм3.

Поставляются и другие марки:
- водный ЧДА,
- марка Б
- и разновидность ОСЧ.
Сколько стоит продажа?

Цена на аммиак технический варьируется в зависимости от покупаемого объема, от дальности доставки и смежных факторов.
Поэтому предварительно, прежде чем купить - запрашивайте стоимость, в КП.
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Ammonia water technical
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  • What does it look like like wather
  • Mass fraction of active substance 99%
  • Fraction of tertiary amine 0.001
  • Hydrogen ion activity index -
  • Melting temperature -

Ammonia water technical 25%

GOST 9-92, grade A

Technical ammonia is a colorless liquid, but with a rather pungent odor. Obtained by dissolving gaseous ammonia in water. Grade A is used in many branches of modern industry. In particular, they are added to dyes, in the production of ferroalloys for metallurgy, in the preparation of soda ash, it is added to medicines.

Ammonia water technical 25% buy in TPK wholesale

  • What does it look like like wather
  • Mass fraction of active substance 99%
  • Fraction of tertiary amine 0.001
  • Hydrogen ion activity index -
  • Melting temperature -
    All ammonia water grade A is produced in accordance with GOST 9-92 (93). The manufacturer accompanies the product with quality certificates and laboratory tests. Technical ammonia is also called liquid or aqueous, and its price depends on the volume you are willing to buy. Payment is made after the conclusion of the contract in the form of an advance payment or by installments. Delivery is made as a groupage cargo or directly to the customer's warehouse. You can also organize your own collection of water grade ammonia in our warehouse. Various solutions to this issue are possible - check the information with the manager. Our warehouses: St. Petersburg, Tula region, Ufa, Novorossiysk (Krasnodar), fast delivery to Moscow.
    We guarantee that water grade A ammonia is supplied from the manufacturer in Russia. Has quality certificates. Trial delivery and testing at your plant (firm) is possible. Additionally, we conduct batch testing in independent laboratories. As a result, "TPK" LLC is 100% confident in the quality of its product and the fact that we deliver quality!
    Safety measures during transportation NH3 · H2O belongs to non-toxic and non-flammable substances, but when degassing the vapor of the substance, it creates an explosion hazard in the room. Causes redness of the skin, provokes irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth. In case of contact with ammonia, work in a respirator, protective gloves and goggles. Transportation is carried out by road or rail in steel tanks, glass containers in accordance with the current rules for the transportation of hazard class 4 substances. Stored in dry warehouses, well ventilated and cool.
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Ammonia water technical 25%, GOST 9-92