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  • What does it look like White to deep creamy powder
  • Mass fraction of active substance 98,5%
  • Fraction of tertiary amine -
  • Hydrogen ion activity index -
  • Melting temperature -
L-Threonine feed
To buy L-Threonine fodder in bulk from the manufacturer - send applications to the mail: Deferred payment. Delivery.

Feed Threonine is an additional additive used in the feed industry. That is, the product is added to animal feed (animal feed, as well as premixes).

The main purpose is to enrich the diet of animals on farms and poultry farms. Has an effect on the formation of muscles.

Functions of threonine
As an amino acid, threonine has a primary role in protein metabolism and regulates food intake. Produced in a microbiological way, so getting it is a little more expensive. The molecular weight is 119 g / mol.

The functions of threonine have been studied over the past ten years and proven to be beneficial in animal cultures. At the same time, an excess of threonine and its lack - affects the change in the biochemical background.

Therefore, like any amino acids, you need to adjust the supplement according to the instructions depending on body weight. It is a growth agent.

Pyridoxine threonine is used in animal husbandry, in addition to the growth and formation of muscles, it synthesizes immune proteins. This gives poultry and cattle additional immunity to disease.

Deamination of threonine occurs by oxidation in the body.
In other spheres of human life it is used as an additive to food (to minimize the rate of early sclerosis).

This type of threonine is more refined and added to the amino acid complex (available from the pharmacy).

Packaging and storage conditions
The shelf life of feed threonine depends on the conditions in the warehouse - the temperature in the premises should not exceed 30 degrees.
With such indicators, the shelf life of threonine is 5 years from the date of packaging the product in bags.
In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”
Delivery is carried out in bags: 25 kg, 50 kg, 1000 kg / ton (running).
  • What does it look like White to deep creamy powder
  • Mass fraction of active substance 98,5%
  • Fraction of tertiary amine -
  • Hydrogen ion activity index -
  • Melting temperature -
    Payment for feed threonine is made on a prepayment basis, but payment by installments is also considered in some cases. To clarify the conditions, send the commercial proposal through the form on the website or by mail, as a letter.

    To buy threonine at a reduced price - you can buy an additional product from the line of feed additives or fertilizers adjacent. And our specialists will recalculate the cost.

    Delivery is carried out by TPK's own vehicles. You can also organize the process of logistics delivery on your own and pick up the product from our warehouse or directly from the manufacturer's factory. Also check with the supervising manager for these nuances.

    l the supplier accompanies threonine with a certificate of analysis, a quality certificate. Thus, you will receive a quality product, tested in the laboratory and at the manufacturing plant.

    Feed threonine is supplied to the warehouse from the manufacturer's plant. Manufactured in Russia, China. And also the supplier Evonik from Hungary (Germany). The price varies depending on the supplier.
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L-Threonine feed