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Sodium hypochlorite grade A scope of application

Sodium hypochlorite grade A scope of application

Sodium hypochlorite refers to an inorganic compound of sodium. It is an oxidizer and very toxic in large doses.

Briefly about chemical products.

Sodium hypochlorite refers to an inorganic compound of sodium. It is an oxidizer and very toxic in large doses.

If we consider the grade A of sodium hypochlorite, then it is a yellowish liquid with light shades of green; it is obtained by chlorination of an aqueous solution of caustic soda; during storage and transportation it requires tightness and compliance with temperature conditions (not higher than 15oC and not lower than minus 7oC).

It is realized in sealed containers in the form of an aqueous solution of a certain concentration. The transport container is made of plastic or titanium.

The production takes into account the standards established by the state.

A passport confirming the required quality of LLC "TPK" is provided by agreement.


Sodium hypochlorite grade A is more involved in the chemical industry: in the production of disinfectants. Less often in the textile industry - to restore the white color of fabrics.

Disinfection with sodium hypochlorite

The disinfecting property of this compound is due to the formation of hypochlorous acid when interacting with water.

Disinfection facilities:

- water in swimming pools for sports and recreation

The use of agents with this substance provides the pool water disinfection systems with the following guaranteed parameters:

- complete exclusion of the presence of pathogenic organisms, including fungi, microbes, some viruses and parasites that are dangerous to humans and spread by the aquatic environment;

- prevention of harmful effects of the resulting composition of pool water on the human body: absence of irritation on the body and organs of vision, intoxication from inhaled air above the surface and when swallowing water;

- preservation of organoleptic parameters: odor, color, turbidity;

- cleaning of colloidal and dissolved contaminants (fat secretions, oils, creams, etc.);

- equipment of food industry enterprises

Due to the high efficiency of the destructive effect on plant cells, bacterial proteins and spores, this disinfectant is widely used for external and internal flushing of equipment, various tanks, cattle pens, etc. In order to exclude the appearance of the smell of chlorine in the products, subsequent washing is carried out with means that neutralize the disinfecting substance;

- in fish farms

The chlorine-containing product ensures maximum disinfection of both fish ponds and equipment used in fish farming, inventory and workwear of workers;

- in healthcare

To maintain hygienic requirements established by sanitary services in medical institutions;

- wastewater treatment

Under the influence of chlorine-containing substances, there is an active suppression of plant and animal microscopic organisms, as well as the smell accompanying any biological decomposition.

Sodium hypochlorite during bleaching of the material.

This substance is actively used in factories and laundries as a stain remover and fabric bleach. This action is based on the formation of active particles during the decay of the active chlorine-containing component.

To buy grade A sodium hypochlorite, it is necessary to undergo a preliminary consultation with a competent manager and conclude an agreement on the coordination of terms, volumes and terms of delivery of products.

Given the wide range of applications of grade A sodium hypochlorite, it is more profitable to purchase it in bulk and only from a trusted supplier. LLC "Commercial Industrial Company" has been in the ranking of the best in the market of services for the supply of industrial chemicals for several years.

Delivery is carried out directly from the company's warehouse by all types of its own certified transport in any volume and without intermediaries.

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