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Isopropyl alcohol wholesale from the manufacturer in Omsk

Isopropyl alcohol wholesale from the manufacturer in Omsk

The opportunity to buy isopropyl alcohol in bulk from a manufacturer in Russia is a great opportunity to establish the production of the final product. Namely, antiseptics and household chemicals, which are relevant now during a pandemic and will be in demand for a long time.

At the beginning of January, the production of isopropyl alcohol was launched in Omsk. This event did not go unnoticed by the government. The guest of honor of the enterprise was the Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Denis Manturov. The need has grown a hundredfold. And considering that Russia has only 30% of its own raw materials. And the rest of isopropyl alcohol, the price of which per tonne in bulk varies from 150,000 rubles per imported and more, the cost changes every day. Depending on the supplier. But now, thanks to the Omsk plant, absolute and technical isopropyl alcohol can be purchased in the required volume. The estimated capacities will be increased. And the volume of industrial raw materials produced will increase by 60,000 tons / in 2021. Thanks to such raw materials, small businesses will be able to organize the manufacture and supply of antiseptics in the regions. Thus, to reduce the amount of exported product and reduce prices for ordinary people.

Isopropyl alcohol is divided into three types

1. Chemically pure. Manufacturer in the Moscow region. TU 6-09-402-87 is otherwise called Propanol-2. 2. Absolute 99 or isopropanol - 4 manufacturers, including the Omsk plant. Manufactured in accordance with GOST 9805-84. Transport hazard class UN 1219. 3. Technical isopropyl alcohol - 3 manufacturers across Russia (Zss, Khimprom, Sintez-Aceton 2000). GOST 9805-84. Hazard class 3 (third) 4. Isopropanol especially pure TU 6-09-07-1718-91. Serves for cleaning equipment from contamination.

Isopropyl alcohol storage

But back to our topic. Also for the Omsk region will be allocated 100 mil. rubles, which will be used to reorganize existing plants and expand existing ones. Thus, the authorities want to strengthen their own production and increase the influx of investors, including Western partners.

Isopropyl alcohol storage:
- in a cubic container with a nominal value of 1000 liters,
- eurotars of 216.5 liters,
- and in white or blue plastic canisters (small containers: 1l and 5l and average volume 10l and 20l).

Isopropyl alcohol dehydration occurs during the splitting of water and ethers. Temperature range - 140 degrees.

Additional information on the topic

Products containing isopropyl alcohol: anti-freeze for cars (5 liters), disinfectant solutions, wet wipes for hands. Hand cleaning with isopropyl alcohol should be done with caution, as it is a concentrated solution of alcohol, which can cause irritation with frequent use. Therefore, glycerin is added to the composition. The main thing is not to lower the concentration below 70% degrees. Otherwise, the antimicrobial effect will be impaired. Can I clean my laptop screen with isopropyl alcohol? No. Since alcohols can penetrate into the matrix and disrupt the work of the crystals. Thus, you will see rainbow stains and spoil the image output. For these purposes, it is worth buying specialized wipes that will gently remove dust and stains from the surface.

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