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Buy calcium lactate at an affordable price

Buy calcium lactate at an affordable price

Calcium lactate (E327) is one of the most popular supplements.

The product is actively used in the food and industrial industry — from food production to the creation of medicines (with the exception of baby food). The additive can also be used in the production of medicines that are used to treat acid reflux, parathyroid gland pathologies, and bone loss. It is also added to animal feed. Where can I buy certified calcium lactate in the required amount, the price of which is acceptable?

Important features of the substance

Calcium lactate is a fine crystalline powder of white or cream color. It is obtained from lactic acid by neutralizing it with calcium hydroxide or carbonate. Other names: calcium lactate, calcium dilactate, lactic acid calcium.

The product acts as a source of calcium ions. It is part of the group of antioxidants. It is used mainly for the purpose of hardening, thickening, stabilization, fermentation, pH level regulation, taste changes, color improvement. The substance is included in the composition of many vitamin and mineral complexes and medicines, used as a buffer filler of medicines and instead of table salt. It acts as a good nutrient medium for baking yeast, allows you to extend the shelf life of products.

Main Features:
• poorly soluble in cold water and dissolves quickly in hot;
• slightly soluble in chloroform, ether and alcohol;
• practically odorless;
• erodes in the air.

About the benefits and safety

Calcium lactate can be bought in a specialized company, and it is an easily digestible substance. In the human body, it helps to replenish calcium deficiency, stabilize blood clotting, ensure normal myocardial function, and maintain skeletal and smooth muscle tone. That is why products containing this substance are in high demand. They do not pose a danger even for people who do not tolerate lactose.
In case of poisoning, regardless of its cause (for example, hydrofluoric and oxalic acids, magnesium salts), calcium lactate acts as a means for proper detoxification. The substance effectively interacts with anticonvulsant medications, antibiotics and diuretics.
The product is approved for use according to the relevant international standards, and the daily norm is not established. However, excessive consumption can lead to hypercalcemia, which will eventually cause problems with the kidneys and heart, so experts suggest an approximate safe rate: 2500 mg per day - for people under the age of 50 (including pregnant and breast—feeding women), 2000 mg per day — for people older 51 years old.

Guaranteed quality product on favorable and convenient terms!

Our company offers certified calcium lactate for purchase. The product can be ordered in any required volume. A large selection of other chemicals for food and industrial production and for the construction industry is also available. We sell goods of domestic and imported production. We provide appropriate guarantees.

We conclude direct contracts with suppliers, which allows us to set reasonable prices for our products. We promptly deliver orders, have our own fleet.

The application can be left right now on our official website. If necessary, you can get a free online consultation here. Contact us, we will be glad to offer the best products and professional service!

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