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Melamine essence

Melamine essence

Melamine is a chemically pure product in crystals that have no color, do not smell and do not dissolve well in water. This substance is widely used to produce products for various purposes. What should I know here? Is such a product dangerous? Where can I buy melamine in the required amount?

Important information

Carbamide is used to extract melamine. In the process of producing such a product, a lot of ammonia and CO2 appear. But these substances are again sent to production. As a result, carbamide is obtained again. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to reduce emissions into the external environment.

Melamine is a popular raw material, which is actively used to produce polymer products. It is used for the production of coatings, textiles, paper, fire-fighting materials, concrete, wood slabs, laminated plastics.

Melamine essence differs in several important features:

• solid resistance to various mechanical factors (chips, scratches, bumps);
• safely in contact with a humid environment;
• practically not metabolized (does not participate in metabolism);
• does not damage the mucous membrane and skin;
• upon penetration into the body, it is completely excreted with sweat and urine;
• immune to chemicals and household liquids (alcohols, solvents, inks, various coloring drinks);
• even in direct sunlight, it almost does not lose its original characteristics;
• melamine surfaces are undemanding to care for.

Information on the toxicology of melamine was re-examined in 2008 by the United Nations. Experts have confirmed that both the chronic and acute form of these crystals is extremely small.

A study was also conducted to identify the level of influence of melamine on genes. Experts have found that this substance does not have a negative effect. Only with prolonged intake of food, which contains an increased amount of melamine, various diseases began to manifest in male rats. This is impossible in ordinary life when in contact with products containing such a substance.

In China, this product is produced in particularly large volumes. In the Russian Federation, production was launched in 2012. The annual volume of the substance is about 50,000 tons. In 2014, our country adopted Law No. 219-FZ, which introduced the concept of "the best available technologies". According to this legislative act, an enterprise that is trying to establish the production of such goods should use modern technologies and environmentally friendly high-performance equipment. It is also important to use special treatment facilities that provide effective purification of emissions into the atmosphere and discharges into rivers and lakes. This allows you to significantly reduce the amount of waste.

Where can I buy melamine in any required volume?

Are you interested in wholesale melamine? Contact the company LLC "TPK". We guarantee the high quality of the goods sold. Our assortment includes both industrial and food chemicals, as well as imported petrochemicals. You can always get advice from a competent manager.

Direct deliveries from the warehouse allow you to set affordable prices for all products. It will be possible to immediately order any required volume. You will not have to worry about the delivery of the goods. We have special equipment and will promptly bring the order to where it is needed. We conclude an agreement with each client, in which we specify all the important points. You can leave a request right now!

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