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Features of the chemical industry in Russia

Features of the chemical industry in Russia

The chemical industry is a significant sector of the economy of the Russian Federation, a key direction of the country's economy.It includes the production of modification of certain substances, the creation of raw materials with specific indicators, the use and processing of industrial waste, improving the characteristics of raw materials and goods.

Main branch branches

The production of the chemical sector is represented by several branches:

• mining and chemical - enterprises that develop deposits of chemical raw materials;

• basic chemistry — enterprises that have established the production of mineral salts, soda, alkalis, inorganic acids;

• forest chemistry and organic synthesis chemistry — enterprises that produce plastics, chemical resins and fibers, synthetic materials, as well as enterprises of the petrochemical industry and engaged in the processing of biomass of woody plants.

There is also a branch of so-called fine chemistry. Enterprises of this direction are engaged in the production of pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, perfumes and other similar products.

Key aspects

The key features of the Russian chemical sector include the following.

• Availability of its own raw material base. The raw materials are natural sources (salts, oil, gas, phosphorites, sulfur, etc.) and processed products from other industries (gas, oil, etc.).

• The possibility of expanding the raw material base, thanks to which it is possible to save natural resources. The resulting raw materials are used in other industrial sectors. Created chemical fertilizers help to increase yields in agriculture.

• The possibility of solving many environmental problems. Thanks to modern chemical technologies, it is possible to neutralize or recycle harmful waste.

• Application of high-tech technologies. Of particular importance are new materials for the pharmaceutical, space and aviation industries. These are fiberglass, carbon fiber and other materials that differ in lightness, strength, heat resistance and other important characteristics.


Companies engaged in the chemical industry, when choosing locations for their plants, are guided by several factors: ecology, availability of water and electricity, sources of raw materials, labor resources.

Mining chemistry is developing in Siberia, on the Kola Peninsula, in the Central, Volga-Vyatka and North-Western regions. The production of sulfuric acid has been established in the Caucasus and the Urals, Siberia and the Volga region. There are deposits of table salt in the Far East, Siberia, the Volga Economic Region and the Urals. The largest reserves of potassium salt are concentrated in the Urals. Mineral fertilizers are produced in Novgorod, Novomoskovsk, Kemerovo, Tolyatti, Cherepovets, Nizhny Tagil, Magnitogorsk and some other Russian cities.

Positions at the world level

In the Russian Federation, the chemical industry is one of the most dynamic areas. Growth is occurring at a rate significantly exceeding global trends. The demand for the products of this sector of the economy is constantly growing, production is expanding.

At the global level, the Russian chemical industry ranks eleventh with a share of 2.1 percent of the total volume. The leaders are China and America. The chemical kit of these states provides the world market by 15 and 18.6 percent, respectively. Almost 24 percent of the world's chemical production is accounted for by EU countries (of which 7.1 percent is Germany).

For the needs of the chemical industry, mainly plant protection products, rubber (natural and synthetic), and medical preparations are imported to Russia. Various fertilizers are exported (most of them to the USA, Brazil and China).

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