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Work with epoxy resin and stylish author's crafts from it

Work with epoxy resin and stylish author's crafts from it

Epoxy resin is an environmentally friendly synthetic mass, with which it is possible to glue, fill and laminate surfaces for various purposes. This composition allows you to work with almost any material (with the exception of non—porous bases).

Unique characteristics of epoxy resin

This synthetic mass allows you to protect the surface covered with it from significant mechanical influences, high pressure, chemicals (even caustic alkalis and acids), water, temperature and humidity fluctuations. It has the following important features:

• guarantees increased wear resistance of the treated surface;
• provides solid strength of the adhesive joint;
• practically does not shrink during and after curing (retains both volume and shape);
• allows you to get a beautiful and smooth surface;
• makes it possible to use different shapes for filling.

Features of working with epoxy resin, and what can be created from it?

Epoxy resin is in demand in various construction and finishing directions, in creativity and needlework, in the production of adhesive mixtures, paint coatings and other products. It is in particular demand among craftsmen who create stylish author's crafts. It is very convenient to work with resin, because it has high plasticity. It is combined with different pigments, natural materials (dried insects, flower buds, leaves, etc.). It is possible to get unique products from it: for example, a globe in a metal frame, a cube with a bright plot composition, fir cones, Christmas tree toys, watches, various jewelry (rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants) and much more. Of course, you will need not only high-quality materials and good tools, but also certain skills.

To work with this substance, a hardener is required to start the polymerization reaction. To get a decent and long-lasting result, it is important to observe the proportion. It is necessary to mix the components slowly, because in case of sudden movements, bubbles form. The curing time of such a material is about 24 hours (fully — after 72 hours).

Also, before you start working with epoxy resin, you should take into account a few more points.

• Do not work in a room with a high humidity level, at a temperature of 18-25 ° C.
• It is forbidden to moisten the working components, to allow water to get into them.
• Clean containers should be used for mixing the composition.
• To get a certain color, you need to use special toners.
• It is important to wear rubber gloves and a protective mask.
• The created product must be placed on a flat surface, which will eliminate the displacement of the material.

Guaranteed quality product without overpayments

Do you want to buy epoxy resin in bulk? Contact our company. Small and large wholesale is possible with us. We provide each client with favorable and convenient terms of cooperation.

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