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Titanium dioxide market in 2021 - forecasts and manufacturers

Titanium dioxide market in 2021 - forecasts and manufacturers

What is happening in the Russian import and export market in 2021. Product release by manufacturers. How to buy titanium dioxide from TPK LLC. We read about all this and forecasts for 2022 in the article.

Production of titanium dioxide (TiO2) by Crimean titanium

The enterprise "Crimean Titan" laid down in the production plan for 2021. - 100% capacity utilization. From the statement of Eduard Kurmachev, representative of the branch of TitanovyeInvestitsii LLC (Armyansk) - this approach is not just calculated and will lead to good dividends, as well as profit in the future. Also at the Crimean plant, a large-scale reorganization of the composition is being carried out, in February - March more than 200 people were laid off. I planned about three hundred, but as a result, some of the employees were retrained or moved to related positions, most of the retirees with good pay were laid off. And a young staff is being systematically recruited for the enterprise. After a change of leadership and a reorganization, a new policy began, the main goal of which is the best performance in titanium dioxide production, speed and compliance with the quality of supplies. In comparison, in 2020 the enterprise operated at the level of 75,000 / ton of the product - titanium dioxide. If we consider this indicator throughout the year, then in total it is 70% of all capacities. In 2021, they are going to establish the flow and reach the figure of 95,000 / ton per year. Considering these figures, this is almost 100% load and production throughout the year. Further plans include a partial modernization of the lines for the production of titanium dioxide powder (the lines will be reconstructed). One of the prerequisites that made it possible to take such a cardinal step was the launch of a wastewater neutralization station with a capacity of 800 tons / in 24 hours. This enables the plant to operate at full capacity.

Suez Canal what happened and why?

EvenGiven ran aground due to a sandstorm that turned a 400-meter freighter along the entire canal. In this place, the width of the Suez Canal is very small - about 200 meters. 27 tractors tried to move the ship from its place - but this did not give a visible effect. Only the tide, which was on the full moon, helped and raised the water level to a sufficient level so that the ship could shift relative to its trajectory. At the moment - mid-April 2021 - the Chinese Suez Canal is fully operational. Now the authorities of China and other countries are doing their best to restore export routes for the supply of titanium dioxide and other raw materials. Export of titanium dioxide In 2021. exports of titanium dioxide at the end of March fell by almost 80%. Not a good situation was provoked by the suspension of communications on the Suez Canal (see footnote above). The supply of Chinese-made titanium dioxide to the Russian market stopped, and the suppliers were selling off the leftover goods in their warehouses. Some firms speculated on the situation and tried to raise prices. But fortunately, the situation with the supply of titanium dioxide in early April was resolved and at the moment the flow of raw materials is gaining momentum and suppliers are trying to restore the flow, making it at the same level. For example, in February, the export figure was at around 87.42 tons of titanium dioxide. Note that the raw material - titanium dioxide is used as a raw material for the production of paintwork materials - 59 percent of the product used. The remainder is titanium dioxide used for the manufacture of plastics, products created on a rubber-technical basis and chemical fibers (including in the production of paper) and others.

Rostov Europolymer-Trading and the Ukrainian segment market

Rostov Europolymer-Trading At the beginning of 2021, he put into operation an updated line for the production of white masterbatches. The plant's capacities were replenished with a new machine, which allows the production of white dyes aimed at various types of polymer products. The total capacity of Europolymer-Trading in the field of creating white masterbatches is about 1,000 tons per month. Also engaged in filling with titanium dioxide of all grades, ranging from 20% to 70%. Consider an alternative market - the Ukrainian segment PJSC Sumikhimprom is a manufacturer of titanium dioxide and a wide range of phosphate fertilizers in Ukraine. Considering the level of capacity utilization and production, it worked extremely ineffectively according to the indicators of 2020, at the level of 2007. During the reporting period, the following was produced: 43 thousand tons. titanium dioxide, 269 tons of mineral fertilizers of all types. Also sold 425 thousand tons. sulfuric acid and 61,000 tons of ferrous sulfate.

How to buy titanium dioxide from TPK LLC?

Update 25/10/2021

Titanium dioxide in the export segment from China to other countries, including Russia, rose 17 percent in the month of August. This figure is 4 percent more than the previous month. TiO2 from China is in great demand, so volumes are constantly increasing.

Our suppliers keep the import figures at the level. Therefore, if necessary, the product is available in our warehouses: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novomoskovsk, Ufa, Novorossiysk.
During the reporting month, 102,660 tons were shipped in different directions. For example, the July figure was 87,450 tons.

According to experts, spot interest has increased significantly in a number of Asian countries, as some buyers were in anticipation of a drop in container prices and used their own stocks and the product produced in their territory (despite the fact that the purchase was slightly more expensive in China).

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